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Privacy policy

This privacy policy explains what information we collect and what that information is used for.

This Site is owned by Manx Utilities.  By submitting information about yourself or others to this Site, you on your behalf and on behalf of others consent to it's use as set out in this consent notice. By using cookies We may also record information about the way you have used our Site to improve the way it operates.

Personal data that you provide to us will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2002 of the Isle of Man. Manx Utilities will be the Data Controller of your personal data for the purposes of the Act.

We need this data to help us to provide details of our goods and services and for research purposes. Data collected in certain circumstances may be transferred to other departments, boards and offices within the Isle of Man Government, such as Income Tax. In addition it may be necessary to transfer personal data to Associated Businesses.

Where it is lawful to do so, we may share personal data that you provide to the Manx Utilities and to Associated Businesses. We and those Associated Businesses may contact you (by mail, e-mail, telephone or other appropriate means) in order to provide the goods and services for which the Manx Utilities is responsible.

The information that you supply will be held and used for the purposes of administration by us and by Associated Businesses. The information that you supply may also be used by us and by Associated Businesses for accounting, statistical, or marketing purposes, and may be transmitted by any usual means including the Internet. If you do not wish to be contacted for marketing purposes please contact the Data Protection Co-ordinator at the address below.

Any communication you make with us or with an individual on our website may be monitored for quality control and security purposes.

In accordance with data protection legislation as it applies to Manx Utilities, we will provide a means for you to check and where appropriate amend the personal data about you which we have recorded. Any person wishing to access their personal data should write to:

The Data Protection Co-ordinator
HR Department
Manx Utilities 
Ballacottier Buisness Park
Cooil Road
Isle of Man
British Isles
Telephone: + 44 (0) 1624 687687
Email Address: [email protected]

We may charge a fee of up to a maximum of £10 to process a personal data request. 

For your convenience  Manx Utilities has included links on this Site to other websites that Manx Utilities  believes you may find useful. These websites will each have their own privacy statement, which may differ from that of the Manx Utilities. Therefore please ensure, when you click on any of these links, that you read the privacy statement located on the website you have selected. Any websites connected with this Site are not within the control of Manx Utilities. 


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