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Reservoir Hydrographic Surveys - Ref: QQ2019/05

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The Manx Utilities Authority is a statutory authority providing electricity, wholesale natural gas, clean water and processes waste water on the Isle of Man. This means that Manx Utilities is a wholly owned statutory authority of the Isle of Man Government, which has an AA+ credit rating.

Manx Utilities wishes to procure the services of suitably competent hydrographic and bathymetric surveying specialist. The understanding of depth and morphology of the reservoirs is based on surveys that are suspected to be obsolete.   It is prudent we gain an up to date and better understanding of size, shape, and volume of our assets. We also need to determine the extent of sediment accumulation within the reservoirs.  Thus, we require volumetric calculations and sediment profiling for seven of our reservoir assets as below:


Four reservoirs are currently operational providing raw water to the island’s 2 water treatment works. Cringle and Ballure Reservoirs have been decommissioned and Block Eary Reservoir supplies water for hydroelectric power generation. 

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