We recognise that through our activities; generating and supplying electricity, processing wastewater and providing clean water to our customers; supplying natural gas, telecoms, and flood risk management, we impact upon the environment. We are fully committed to understanding, managing and reducing the environmental impacts of our activities through good management, innovation, technology and cultural change.

Our commitments 

In order to mitigate the impact of our activities on the environment we will:

  • work towards documenting, implementing and maintaining a recognised Environmental Management System
  • comply with existing environmental legislative requirements and other relevant standards to which it subscribes, at all stages of its business activities and operations
  • seek to continually improve its management systems to prevent pollution and reduce the risk of environmental incidents
  • monitor and measure progress by setting objectives and targets to ensure continuous improvement in performance
  • seek to use resources more efficiently through good design, use of sustainable materials, responsibly refurbishing existing assets, and reducing and recycling waste
  • use suppliers or contractors which have environmental standards compatible with our own wherever possible
  • ensure personnel working for and on behalf of our company are aware of their responsibilities and comply with our policies and procedures
  • ensure that our employees have the skills, training, knowledge and resources necessary to achieve our environmental objectives
  • respect and protect the environmental status and biodiversity of the places we work and the wider community
  • actively manage the risks associated with our sites and operations
  • support our customers to reduce their carbon footprint by providing them with energy saving advice

Our commitment applies to all aspects of our operations and activities and will be periodically reviewed by our Board to ensure that it continues to meet the needs and aims of the business.

If you require a signed copy of our Environmental Policy please contact us.