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Lifting the Hosepipe Temporary Use Ban - Q & A for customers

Raw water stocks depletion has ceased due to recent bouts of rainfall and this, coupled with lower temperatures and so reduced evaporation means that we are satisfied that the hosepipe ban has served its purpose and will be removed with effect from Monday 24 September 2018

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Manx public for their support during the ban and would encourage everyone to continue to use water wisely all year round to protect our raw water stocks and the environment. Our Use Water Wisely tips will remain on our website for reference throughout the year.

Are you sure it is the right time to remove the ban?

We have been monitoring our raw water stock levels and these have shown consistent increases in recent weeks; we believe this is a reasonable step.

How much water do you think was saved thanks to the ban?

Approximately 4 mega litres a day for the hosepipe restrictions; we conserved more water by working with DEFA to reduce compensation flows from our reservoirs.

Will you continue to assist your customers in helping to find leaks so they can be repaired quickly?

Yes, we will continue to help customers locate leaks on private mains where requested and where resource allows. Please call 687687 option #5 then option #3 to request assistance.

The ban covered limited options; will you be considering wider powers in the future?

The cooperation of the public really helped during the ban and so at present, we feel our powers are appropriate. A change to current legislation is a medium term option.

Am I entitled to a rebate on my bill due to the ban?

No, domestic customers are entitled to receive a supply of water for normal domestic purposes, for example washing, cooking or sanitation. We have no legal obligation to supply water for those activities covered under the ban and do not charge specifically for these. Under normal circumstances we do not limit customer usage for these purposes be they by hosepipe or otherwise. However, where we feel there is a risk to our raw water supplies we are permitted to prohibit use of water for these purposes.

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