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If Manx Utilities are able to remotely disconnect, do I get any notice or grace period for payment, before you do it?

In line with existing procedures, we will seek to recover amounts due. In default, we may, at our discretion and by giving two full working days’ notice, disconnect the supply to your premise. The supply will not be reconnected until the amounts payable to date have been received by Manx Utilities in full, or an alternative arrangement has been made for the payment of the outstanding debt.

For prepayment customers, we will follow our current process too. Supply will be disconnected in the event of your credit running out.

The only time that we will disconnect immediately, without any prior notice, is on safety grounds – if we deem in our sole discretion that your electrical installation is in a dangerous and unsafe condition. We will not reconnect until we are satisfied that the installation has been made safe.

For Manx Utilities’ conditions of supply please see:

Will there be disruptions to households and businesses?

We will aim to complete the installation with the minimum of disruption to households and businesses, and with ample notice prior to our installation visit.

What if I do not want a smart meter?

All existing meters will be replaced with smart ones. It should be noted, however, that smart meters differ from conventional only in the way they transmit the recorded information and the frequency of data transmission. If you wish to choose the frequency with which your data is being sent to the control centre, please have a look at the three options available to you – on-demand, daily and monthly.

If I do not like the service or product, can I go back to what I had before?

All old meters will be disassembled and sent to the UK for reusing, recycling or disposing of the components. Meter manufacturers have withdrawn conventional meters and they are no longer supported.

Billing adjustments

Infrequently, in the initial period after the smart meters' installation, we may need to make adjustments to bills and are putting in place measures for potential tariff or billing issues to be flagged internally and resolved swiftly. As with current procedures, customers will be fully protected should it be identified that they have overpaid. Where an historic issue is identified with meter hardware accuracy or Manx Utilities’ failings, we will not pursue the recovery of monies outstanding. 

Lessons learnt

Issues surrounding the United Kingdom’s deployment of smart gas and electricity meters have been well publicised and the UK is almost certain to miss its 2020 roll-out target. However, it is one of the few deployments combining both the roll-out of smart electricity and gas meters, and providing switching within a competitive market of over 60 domestic energy suppliers.

The proposed Manx Utilities’ smart metering programme is fundamentally different to that of the UK roll-out and not just because Manx Utilities is the sole supplier of electricity. The key difference is that the UK deployment is supplier-led.

Similar to the rest of Europe, the roll-out in the Isle of Man will be managed by Manx Utilities as the sole network operator. Contrast this with the UK where there is no coordination of installations meaning, for instance, that a street of 50 properties could require visits from 50 meter installers, each from a separate company, to make that street ‘smart’. 

We are looking to work further with Smart Energy GB, the engagement company for the UK smart roll-out, with continuous improvement continually feeding into work streams. We are also actively learning from the UK and similar roll-outs.

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