Introducing Smarter Living from Manx Utilities

Smarter Living is not just about the smart metering programme but also other 'clean tech' initiatives, such as electric vehicle charging and heat pumps. We consciously chose to use the word 'smarter' rather than 'smart': it implies a smarter way of using electricity in our homes and businesses, and it's a great segue into the way in which people are now using intelligent technology in their daily lives.

We know that our brand is well-known and trusted so the new Smarter Living logo is based on, and complementary to, Manx Utilities' existing logo: you will start to see the new branding on meter installers' vans, company work wear, on marketing collateral and so on.

We continue to do all we can to support the IOM Government in their climate change mitigation strategy: smart metering will be the cornerstone of a cleaner, greener, more sustainable energy system on our Island.

As the new pay-as-you-go system starts to replace the existing, outdated key meter system, you will also start to see references to 'Smarter PAYG': this is the name for the replacement system, but we will keep key meter customers informed as this rolls out.

Please watch these short videos: the first will introduce you to smart meters and why we believe they will be great for our customers, and great for our island. The second explains what will happen when it’s time for your new meter to be installed