The proposed treatment works at Glenfaba forms part of phase 2 of the Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy (RSTS). This seeks to continue with further major improvements in sewerage infrastructure to enhance our Island’s environment. The vast majority of Peel's sewage currently flows by gravity down to the pumping station on the promenade, where it is held in large storm storage tanks. It is then pumped out to sea via the outfall in an unscreened and untreated form. This runs out below the beach and discharges beyond the breakwater. 

What are you going to build?

The pumped flow into the works will pass through a dedicated screening facility. The flow will then be passed into a flow-splitter which will deliver the flow to the Integrated Rotating Biological Contactors (IRBCs). These are slowly rotating packs of hundreds of discs, each around 4m diameter, totalling many dozens of acres of area. These are partly submerged in the effluent, and as they rotate through it, a layer of biofilm develops on the surface which digests the effluent, leaving a cleaner liquid effluent exiting from the works. This will flow along a return pipe to the pumping station, where it will be directed to the existing sea outfall. 

Solids fall to the bottom of the IRBCs here and also at the promenade storm tank and periodically these are removed by suction tanker as sludge and taken to Meary Veg for processing. This process is common across many Manx Utilities sites throughout the Island and it is also standard practice elsewhere in the UK and Eire. 

How will it work?

We will refurbish the promenade pumping station, and lay two pipelines along East Quay, past the House of Mannanan, then out along the mill race running parallel to the Heritage Trail, up to Glenfaba, where the pipelines will cross the river just downstream of Glenfaba weir and enter the works. This has been designed to sit centrally within the site to minimise the number of trees which will be affected. The house will be demolished. 

What Happens Next?

We are interested in hearing your views on the information presented in this consultation. Please talk to our representatives and complete the questionnaire to record your comments. 

We will spend the next few weeks reviewing the feedback. The plans will then updated if necessary and then be submitted for Planning Approval, where you will have a further opportunity to comment. 

We will also be appointing Contractors to provide prices for various aspects of the works with a view to starting on site in Autumn 2019, with the works completed by Summer 2021. 

Please contact Manx Utilities via telephone, email or letter: 

Manx Utilities, PO Box 177, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM99 1PS

Tel: (01624) 687687   Free-phone: 0808 1624 115   Please be aware calls may be recorded for training and security purposes

Consultation closed Friday 11 January 2019