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FAQ for pre-payment meters

What is a pre-payment meter?

A pre-payment meter is a metering device which enables you to pay for your electricity as you go. A pre-payment key can be topped up at various outlets around the Island. Once the key is inserted into the meter the credit you have purchased will be available for use.

Can anyone have a pre-payment meter installed?

No, not all customer meter positions are suitable for the installation of a pre-payment meter. Please contact our Customer Services Team (01624) 687675 for further information.

Where do you purchase credit for the key?

There are many pre-payment meter outlets on the Isle of Man which have convenient opening hours.

What do I do if the credit runs too low?

You will need to invoke your emergency credit by inserting the key into your meter. Only use this facility when your credit is below £1. The emergency credit facility allows you to borrow £6 extra credit until you can charge your key again.

Once you have used all your emergency credit your supply will disconnect until you pay back the emergency credit. You must purchase additional credit as soon as possible to prevent this from happening.

Please remember when you next charge your key you will have to pay back the emergency credit that you have used, up to a maximum of £6.

What happens if I run out of my emergency credit at night?

We won't cut your electricity off at night... even if you run out of emergency credit.  

This non disconnection feature is only functional to the meter shown.

The meter will collect the value of electricity used and will deduct the full amount when you next top up.

To verify what amount you will be required to pay, press the blue button on the meter until the letter “B” appears on the left of the display, the amount shown is what is required.

See our friendly meter times below (subject to correct meter being installed) 

What do I do if I lose my key?

If you need a replacement key a deposit of £20 is required before we reissue you a new key. To arrange a replacement key please contact our Customer Services Team on (01624) 687675 or call into our headquarters at Ballacottier Business Park in Braddan. Our opening hours are: 8.30am -5pm Monday to Thursdays and 8.30am -4.30pm on Fridays.

You will need to produce some identification to enable us to replace your key. 

How do I find out what the debt balance is on the pre-payment meter?

  • insert your key into the pre-payment meter
  • press the blue button eight times until the letter “S” is displayed on the left hand side of the display screen. The debt balance will then be displayed. 

What happens with the pre-payment meter if I move home?

Once you have completed the application for change form and submitted it to us, then we will arrange for the pre-payment meter to be transferred to your new home.

Please remember to never use your current key in the new premise if there is a pre-payment meter already installed.

Do I pay more for having a pre-payment installed?

No, our pre-payment customers all pay the same discounted price as our other bill paying customers. The prompt payment discount is included in the rate and the standing charge is the same for all domestic customers.

I would like to change the pre-payment meter to a quarterly billed meter, what do I need to do?

Contact our Customer Services Team on (01624) 687675 in order for us to discuss your individual needs.

What happens when my debt has been collected from the pre-payment?

Once all the debt has been collected from the pre-payment meter, the recovery will cease automatically and no further payments will be deducted, you will now only be paying for electricity units used, the daily standing charge and VAT. 

The credit I purchased on the key will not transfer to the pre-payment. What do I do?

Your meter is likely to display an error code, please make a note of this and contact our Customer Services Team on (01624) 687675.  

I had a pre-payment installed recently but my key has not arrived. What do I do?

Your key should arrive within five days of the meter being installed. If this time scale has already been exceeded please call our Customer Service Team on (01624) 687675.

My Pre-payment meter is showing an error code, what should I do?

Check which code your meter is displaying from the table below. Please call our Customer Services Team on 687675 explaining which code your meter is displaying.

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