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Types of flooding

Flooding can occur due to natural processes or human activity. The most common types of flooding are listed below.

River (fluvial) flooding

This occurs when a river cannot cope with the amount of water entering it. undefined

Drain and sewer flooding

This can occur during heavy rain when drains have become blocked or full.


Groundwater flooding

When rainfall causes the water that is naturally stored underground to rise to the surface it can flood low-lying areas.


Burst water mains flooding

This can cause flooding underground and within properties. Know where to turn off your internal stop tap if you have a burst water pipe in your property. A plumber can assist you to turn off your external stop tap if you have a burst main on your land. If you notice a burst water main you should contact Manx Utilities on 687687 so that it can be investigated and repaired.


Surface water (pluvial) flooding

This happens when there is heavy rainfall on ground that is already saturated, or on surfaces where drainage is poor.


Sea (coastal) flooding

Weather and tidal conditions can increase sea levels.  This can lead to coastal overtopping and flooding from high tides and storm surges. The frequency and severity of this type of flooding is predicted to rise. 


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