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Progress Rollout

We will be replacing our old-style electricity meters with smart meters in households within the following areas in May 2024.

  • Douglas – First Avenue, Second Avenue & Third Avenue
  • Ramsey – Cronk Elfin, Westbourne Road & Princes Road
  • Ramsey – Laurys Avenue, May Hill & Beaumont Road
  • Laxey – Ballaragh, Dhoon Loop Road & Glen Mona Loop Road
  • Maughold – Glen Mona & Corony
  • Douglas – Saddle Mews, Lheannag Park & Hampton Farm
  • Douglas – Ballaughton Manor Hill, Ashberry Avenue & Copse Hill

*We are in the process of contacting customers in the areas listed above to arrange installation.  If you don’t have a smart meter yet, there is no need to contact us at this time.  We’ll be in touch with you nearer the proposed due date of your installation.