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We have a centralised purchasing department that provides purchasing, stores and vehicle fleet management services to the other departments within our organisation.

The centralised purchasing section enables us to obtain the best possible value for money when purchasing goods and services and ensures compliance with the Financial Regulations.

Our suppliers are important to us and we endeavour to pay our suppliers within 30 days of submission of a valid invoice quoting a relevant purchase order number.

All purchase orders shall be placed in advance and are subject to our standard terms of business unless otherwise agreed. Please visit the various menus within this Procurement page for a link to  standard terms and conditions, tendering opportunities and to learn about our vendor qualification process.

Terms and conditions

We use various standards of terms and conditions of contract depending on the products, goods or services that are being purchased.

Please follow the links for our standard general conditions relating to purchase orders:

General Conditions of Order – Goods 

General Conditions of Order – Services 



We recognise the importance of good levels of quality, environmental control and health and safety which help us provide an effective and efficient service to our customers.

Our policies and procedures reflect  these. The ability of our vendors and contractors to achieve similar levels of control has a direct bearing upon the effectiveness of our business.

The Purchasing and Stores Department has a vendor qualification process in place for all contractors and some of our strategic suppliers.

Vendor Assessment Questionnaire is issued to all new contractors. This paperwork needs to be successfully completed prior to the placement of any purchase orders. Once the contractor has successfully applied they will be required to submit a copy of their latest financial accounts, up to date insurance certificates and an update of any changes since their earlier application.

Copy accounts, insurance certificates or changes can be submitted to us at [email protected].

All construction contractors need to be successfully registered by the Employer's Federation as Manx Accredited Construction Contractors, they can be contacted at:


 Please download the Vendor Assessment Questionnaire for contractors.

Purchasing and stores contacts

The Purchasing and Stores Department can be contacted by email at: [email protected]

Stores can be contacted by email at:

Ballacottier:  [email protected]
Cooil Smithy: [email protected]
Pulrose: [email protected]

Write to us:


Procurement Manager
Manx Utilities  
PO Box 177 
Isle of Man
IM99 1PS

Courier Deliveries

Procurement Manager
Manx Utilities
Isle of Man Business Park
Cooil Road
Isle of Man

Accounts Payable

Manx Utilities
PO Box 177
Isle of Man 
IM99 1PS

Tender enquiries

The Purchasing Department invites expressions of interests from all interested parties wishing to register for the following tender enquiries:

Tender Name Closing Date
Construction of a Replacement Sewage Treatment Works in Ballaugh - TT2019/17 12 noon Thursday 17th October 2019
For the Supply of High Voltage Plant and Equipment - Select List REF: TT2019/22 12 noon Wednesday 13th November 2019



Quick Quotes


Quick Quote Closing Date
The Supply of pole Mounted Enclosures for Street Lighting Equipment 
12 noon Tuesday 15th October 2019
A Stand-alone new three phase, Neutral and Earth Water pump station  control panel 12 noon Tuesday 29th October 2019
Purchase and removal of Ramsey Power Station generating plant 12 noon Friday 1st November 2019





Select lists

Name of Framework List Department Expiry Date Status Notes
Consulting Engineer Support Services All 29th November 2020 Closed This Select List opens on an annual basis. Open - August 2019;
Excavation Services Network Services 9th June 2024 Closed This Select List will open in June 2021 and annually thereafter;
Flood Risk Management Maintenance Flood Risk 2nd June 2019 Open This List is Open at all times. This may be extended for a further two years;
Fuel Energy Trading

June 2029

Closed This List will open in March 2024 then close for a further 5 years;
Substation Maintenance Network Services

15th December 2023

Open This Select List is open at all times.

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