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The types of personal information we collect

We collect and process information, including personal information, to provide effective and efficient public services.  We process different information about you depending on how you interact with us. Below you will find an overview of the categories of information that we may collect:

How we collect this information  

Examples of types of information

When you set up or apply for a service; the Customer Account is based on supply address

Property or Land ID; address

Maintenance of your Customer account, Fault reporting or when you contact us for any reason; appropriate personal identification, any representative and/or carer, and contact details

Title, Name, date of birth, address

Email, land and mobile telephone numbers

When you make a payment by the various methods available; financial information

Bank details - Direct Debit, Cheque, Debit and Credit Card.

Land Registry to provide, or assist, when we need to establish ownership of land

Land owner names, and any contact details

CCTV when you visit our premises, various sites and assets

Biometric images

If you complete an online form, enter a competition or complete a survey

Information supplied as part of the application process

Alterations of Tariffs; may also involve a change to household meter types

Reason for tariff change; usage that may identify patterns of use

Cookies on website, internet browsing and operating systems

IP Address and locations

Sensitive or special category information may also be collected when you sign up a customer Account, or for the Priority Customer Care Register either for yourself or another member of your household - if you give us information on behalf of someone else, you’re confirming that you’ve given them the information in this policy, and that they’ve agreed for us to use their information in the way we describe in the application. If you give us sensitive information about yourself or other people (like health details or details of any criminal convictions) you agree – and confirm the person the information is about has agreed – that we can use this information in the ways set out here.

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