The Isle of Man Water Supply Byelaws 2002 (the Byelaws) are intended to prevent the waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of public water supplies. All who install or use plumbing systems have a legal duty to comply with these regulations.

This guidance gives advice to owners, operators and users of marinas on suitable methods for filling boats (pleasure craft and similar small boats) with water to be used for drinking and domestic purposes. By using one of the methods described, marina operators will fulfil their legal duty to avoid contamination of the mains water supplies and will ensure the safety of drinking water supplies in marinas and their surroundings.

Advice regarding supplying water to larger ships (such as ferries, passenger liners and freighters) in ports and harbours.

Our aim is to provide guidance that prevents contamination of drinking water supplies. Serious contamination of water supplies can occur by backflow or cross connection with other sources of water.