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Planned work

We carry out regular planned works on our infrastructure which are listed below. Facebook and Twitter are updated with routine and unplanned works so that customers are kept informed.  

If we are carrying out repair or maintenance work in your area, we may require access to your property. For your own safety, always ask for proof of identification, all our staff carry identity cards with their photograph. If you are in any doubt about the validity of a caller claiming to be from Manx Utilities please call (01624) 687687 to check their credentials.


Date Location Time off Time on   Comments
21st June 2017 Abbeylands 09:00 16:30   HV Maintenance
22nd June 2017 Ballabridson S/S, Ballasalla 09:00 16:00   LV Maintenance
27th June 2017 Rose Hill Mews ,Douglas 09:00 16:00   LV Maintenance
28th June 2017 52-58 Waterloo Road , Ramsey 08:30 16:30   LV Maintenance
28th June 2017 Abbeylands 09:00 16:30   HV Maintenance
29th June 2017 Lhergy Vreck, Kirk Michael 09:00 15:30   LV Maintenance
1st July 2017 Manx Metals Ballathane, Ballasalla 09:00 15:00   LV Maintenance
Start Date Location End Date Comments
Start Date Location End Date Comments
December 2015 Vollan, Mooragh Promenade, Ramsey 2017 Sewerage Works

Mobile generators are not provided for customers where it is anticipated they will be off-supply for less than twenty four hours. The exception is where the supply is noted on our priority care database as critical for life, in which case a mobile generator will be provided, if available. 


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