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Recreational use

We value our reservoirs and would like residents and visitors to enjoy their beauty. 

Please treat the reservoirs and catchments with care and consideration as they are home to some of the Island's precious flora and fauna.

Recreational use around reservoirs

Activities which occur on foot (such as walking, running, shore fishing and dog walking) are the activities which we consider represent an acceptable risk to water quality, safety and the reservoir structures. We will be pleased to continue to support the activities which occur on foot around our reservoirs. Please see our Recreational Use Code of Practice for further information.

Clubs and organisations may continue to approach us for specific permission to hold special events on or near the reservoirs. Evidence of public liability insurance must be provided for such events. Please complete the application for permission to use Manx Utilities land or facilities for an organised event.


Disabled anglers can now fish from specially designed platforms at Cringle and West Baldwin Reservoirs. The platform at Cringle is near the disabled users' car park and can be accessed via either a low gradient ramp or steps with hand rails.

Anglers who are registered as disabled can obtain a key to the disabled users' car park at Cringle Reservoir by contacting us.

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