Manx Utilities is a proud partner of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man and has made the following pledges:

  • protect our natural resources
  • develop our economy in a sustainable way
  • support and promote our cultural heritage
  • make our environmental impact positive wherever possible
  • engage with the local community
  • promote our outstanding living landscape and seascape through active involvement with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

How does Manx Utilities support the vision of a sustainable future and work towards meeting its Biosphere pledges?

Manx Utilities is committed to working with the Isle of Man Government to enable the Island to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.  It recognises its responsibility to provide electricity from renewable sources to enable the Island’s residents and businesses to reach this target.

Central to this, is the organisation’s Smarter Living initiative, which aims to support the Manx community to reduce its carbon footprint.

The rollout of 50,000 smart meters and creation of a smart grid will help the organisation more accurately and efficiently understand demands on its network, including how to safely and reliably feed in energy from renewable sources.  It will also enable its customers to review consumption habits and introduce behaviour changes that may help to save money on their bills and reduce their own carbon footprint.  Manx Utilities Home Energy Officer is available to domestic customers providing free advice on steps that can be taken to reduce energy consumption.

  The organisation is responsible for the electric vehicle charging network across the Island, in addition to providing an electric vehicle charging tariff.  Manx Utilities is updating its fleet to electric vehicles as far as practicable.

Manx Utilities are championing the uptake of heat pumps in homes as they can reduce emissions from heating and hot water consumption.  If a heat pump is the main heat source in a property, the organisation offers a comfy heat tariff. 

The organisation's investments in the regional sewerage treatment strategy, and the educational 'Bin it, Don't Flush It' campaign, are contributing to cleaner beaches and improved bathing water standards.

Manx Utilities manages its raw water resources to balance the generation of renewable energy with customer demand and environmental needs.
The Sulby Hydro-electric Station has been generating renewable energy for the Island for 40 years and today provides an annual output of up to 4 gigawatt hours.

The organisation prides itself on the provision of crystal clear drinking water to the Island's population.  Critical to that is the recognition that the environment is our most precious resource and that protection and enhancement of it is key to its sustainable use.  Whilst reservoir safety is at the forefront of operations, the sites are sympathetically managed to maintain and enhance biodiversity wherever possible.  By working alongside DEFA and land managers, Manx Utilities ensures that the catchments are protected and the water collected in the Island’s reservoirs is of excellent quality before it goes through the treatment process and out to customers. Manx Utilities provides advice on water conservation via its 'Use Water Wisely' campaign and recognises that reducing customer demand for water will minimise both treatment and pumping requirements and will therefore reduce carbon emissions.

Manx Utilities has successfully run the subsea electricity interconnector cable for over 20 years.  The cable comes ashore at Port Skillion, within the Little Ness Marine Nature Reserve.  The nature reserve was expanded to encompass the cable to protect both the asset and the seabed from dredging activity.  It is one of the most active marine nature reserves on the Island’s coastline.

Manx Utilities also understands the need to strive for operational carbon neutrality and is working toward this goal. The organisation is establishing an environmental management system, has created an employee Sustainability Team and has removed unnecessary single use plastics from its buildings. Manx Utilities understands the importance of the natural environment and works closely with DEFA and the Manx Wildlife Trust towards the delivery of the Biodiversity Strategy 2015-2025.