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Report a problem

To report a problem with your electricity, sewerage or water contact us on (01624) 687687.

Available 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Have you lost your electricity supply?

Prior to phoning us with an electricity fault have you checked the following;

Firstly, check whether your neighbours have lost their supply too? 

If your neighbours DON'T have power 

Call us on (01624) 687687

If your neighbours DO have power 

Carry out the following checks to help find the cause of your loss of supply:

No water?

If you have no water please look at our information on low water pressure or no water prior to phoning us.

Blocked drain or sewer?

If you think there is a blockage please see our blocked drains and sewers page for more information.

Streetlight problems

Please record the details on the DOI Report a Problem form, this information will be sent directly through to us to be dealt with (during office hours only). 


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