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Vision, objectives and values

Our Vision

"Better Together - one team, delivering life's essential services for our Island"

How our vision will be realised

Our vision will be achieved through collaboration, innovation and dedication to deliver excellent service for our customers and community:

  • better together - we will be one team, one organisation, where communications are open; development is encouraged; people are valued, empowered and flexible; contributions are aligned and excellence is the norm
  • better together - we will achieve operational and financial benefits, ensuring everything we do adds value, and statutory obligations are efficiently delivered. Changes will focus on the sustainable development of our organisation


Primary objectives


  • deliver value for money and a reliable and professional service to our customers
  • understand our customers and stakeholders needs in a changing environment so we can continuously improve and promote value


  • put Health, Safety and Wellbeing 'first' in all that we do
  • place leadership, management, business and communication skills at the heart of our culture
  • support and develop our people to achieve their potential and deliver our shared vision


  • advance innovation, quality and efficiency capability to improve effective use of resources 
  • enhance processes to improve the management of assets, investment, cost and risk
  • act ethically with respect towards our stakeholders and the environment


  • out-perform the 20 year financial plan
  • set and monitor performance to achieve challenging targets 

Core values

  • integrity (accountability, honesty and transparency)
  • fairness (balanced for all our stakeholders)
  • mutual respect
  • dedication to purpose

The Logo


The logo was created as a result of input received from staff right across Manx Utilities.  The image represents the 3 main sources of the business (Water, Power, and Recycle/Renewable).  The blue is our water (defining ‘serenity/sea’), the red is power (defining ‘danger/sky’), green is our waste water/renewable/sustainability (defining ‘natural/earth’), whilst the grey is our future, showing our commitment to innovation and moving forward 

The 3 main definitions of SeaSky and Earth encompass the 3 realms of a triskellion (3 legs of man). The logo is designed around the Celtic ‘never-ending’ knot signifying ‘forever flowing’, ‘joined up’ and ‘a constant source’ 

The red and blue were also selected to respect our history

Our Policies

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