RSTS1 has also brought with it the modernisation of the sludge treatment plant at Meary Veg, which processes all of the Island’s sewage treatment and septic tank sludge. It now includes an enhanced sludge import, thickening and storage facility, and a new sludge drying facility.

The sludge import facility was completed in April 2014 and incorporated 3 large tanks to hold the sludge created both locally and brought in from the rural RSTS works. The large tanks now allow the sludge to reduce in water content as well as providing storage in the event of the dryer being unavailable. The new sludge drying facility, which came on line in 2016 has provided a more efficient plant to produce a dried product in pellet form.

The footprint and height of the building were dictated by the function, operation and maintenance requirements of the system, so the building was located at the lowest part of the Meary Veg site to reduce the visual impact.