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e-billing terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply in full. Should you not wish to be bound by them then you should not subscribe to Manx Utilities e-billing.

Please make sure you read them carefully and in full before signing up for e-billing

Eligibility criteria

  • to be eligible for e-billing, customers must have a current electricity supply with Manx Utilities
  • the registered user(s) of e-billing must match the Manx Utilities account name, if this is not the case we will require a written and signed request from the account holder
  • we regret that we are unable to offer an e-billing option on service and maintenance contracts at this time
  • e-billing is only applicable to customers using credit meters
  • by signing up for e-billing, you accept that you will no longer receive a paper bill and you are permitting Manx Utilities to send your invoice or statement to your nominated email address
  • if an undeliverable message is received when issuing your e-bill to the chosen email address you will no longer be eligible for e-billing. Manx Utilities will attempt to contact customers, if there is no response received within 7 working days the customer will be removed from the e-billing service
  • reminders and demands for payment will not be sent via email

It is your responsibility to:

  • provide Manx Utilities with an accurate and currently valid email address at all times. Should that e-mail address become invalid or you wish your bill to be sent to a different email address, it is your responsibility to notify Manx Utilities
  • ensure that your email inbox is not at its full capacity. If we are unable to deliver the e-bill due to the mailbox reaching its maximum hold, we will remove you from our e-billing list and you will receive all future bills including the bill that failed by paper form. Manx Utilities will attempt to contact customers, if there is no response received within 7 working days the customer will be removed from the e-billing service
  • ensure that the restrictions of your firewall/spam filters do not prevent Manx Utilities bills being delivered to your inbox.  You are liable for any bills which have been sent by Manx Utilities to your chosen email address.
  • ensure that you notify Manx Utilities of any closure/deletion of your chosen email address, as you are still fully liable for any bills that Manx Utilities send
  • provide seven working days' notice should you wish to unsubscribe from e-billing, from which date we will cease sending you online invoices/statements and will revert back to sending paper bills through the post
  • to maintain all required software enabling you access to your e-bill


  • your email address will not be passed onto any third parties and will remain confidential
  • all customer queries relating to your e-bill will only be accepted at by calling our customer service team on (01624 687675), or by post at Manx Utilities PO BOX 177, Douglas, IM99 1PS
  • Manx Utilities reserve the right to remove you from e-billing at any time if you do not adhere to the e-billing terms and conditions.
  • Manx Utilities may suspend any or all of the e-billing service at any time for such reason as we may consider necessary to allow us to inspect, maintain, renew, repair or revise systems or processes

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