• turn off the water at the internal stop tap, usually located under the kitchen sink
  • switch off the central heating and any other water heating installations at the same time to avoid further damage, or even an explosion
  • open all taps to drain the system
  • call for a registered plumber who should be able to isolate the supply
  • if water is coming through the ceiling, collect it in buckets. If the ceiling starts to bulge, pierce the plaster with a nail or screw to let the water through - ensuring a bucket is underneath
  • if your wiring or any electrical appliances have been affected, do not touch them until they have been checked by a qualified electrician. If in doubt, turn off your electricity at the mains

If the plumber needs to turn the external stop tap off we can assist with this. Contact us on (01624) 687687

Inside your home

If you can hear water moving through the pipes at night, you could well have a leaky joint. This can damage your property, or lead to contamination of your water supply. Other signs include damp or discoloured patches and mould on walls, ceilings or carpets. If you suspect a leak inside your home, you should contact a registered plumber.

Outside your home

If there is a leak from the supply pipe into your home, you may well see a damp patch appearing on the ground, or flowers and areas of grass doing rather better than those around them, especially in dry weather. If you suspect a leak outside your home, you should contact a registered plumber.

Image shows pipe ownership and stop tap locations

Your internal stop tap can turn on or off the main water supply to your home. You should know where it is, so in the unfortunate event of a burst pipe you can quickly stop the water flow and minimise damage. The internal stop tap is generally found where the service pipe enters your home. In most instances, this will be under your kitchen sink. Once you have found it, check that it works; clockwise for off, anticlockwise for on. If it's hard to turn, don't try to force it. If it is seized or broken, it should be repaired by a plumber. To prevent a stop tap from seizing, close and open it once or twice a year.

If you see water bubbling out of the ground it may be a burst main, please contact us to let us know. We rely on the Island's residents to keep us informed and we are always grateful for your call. The earlier we know about a leak the earlier we can fix the problem before it disrupts your supply. 

If you notice that the external stop tap or boundary box is broken or leaking you can contact us on (01624) 687687. We will take your details and an experienced member of our team will inspect the stop tap and then arrange a repair.

More information on how we monitor and manage leakage can be found on the conservation of water page.