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Fluoride and artificial fluoridation

None of the water we supply is artificially fluoridated.

Fluoride is naturally occurring and typically comes from soils and rock. It occurs naturally at very low levels in drinking water.

The water we supply contains very low levels of natural fluoride; around 0.05 mg/l. The World Health Organisation limit for fluoride is 1.5mg/l. 

In some parts of the UK, and in other countries around the world, fluoride is artificially added to water supplies because it is considered to have benefits in reducing tooth decay.

Adding fluoride to water is a decision that would have to be made by health experts, not by Manx Utilities, and so it could only be added to your water supply if the Department of Health and Social Care request us to do so following public consultation and approval from the Council of Ministers. Fluoride has never been added to drinking water in the Isle of Man.

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